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Soleil takes you on a unique digital journey to develop self-love and supports you anytime your confidence is shackled.

It is designed by women for women, and is based on the very latest research findings in psychology combined with the most beautiful design.

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What you will achieve with Soleil

Build self-love and develop key psychological skills for life

Protect yourself from the negative influences of the outside

Enhance your complexion and grow to feel more confident

Soleil’s unique offer to you

Soleil mimics the interaction you would have with a coach. It is the only solution available on the market providing you with such a unique experience combining design and psychology in a digital journey.

This is why 6 weeks of Soleil = 5 sessions with a coach.

What our users say

“Soleil was simply amazing. It has made a huge difference to my life and I feel well equipped to deal with the future.”

Eloise, 24 years, early tester

“Soleil helped me to work on myself as I never believed I could. I really appreciate this kind of support as my surrounding couldn’t give me that.”

Sofia, 31 years, early tester

Over 95% of people

who completed stage one of Soleil reported improved mood, wellbeing and self-love

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