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Soleil is a unique digital journey with a coaching community for women to enable them to build self-love and confidence to shine from within. It is designed by psychologists as well as coaches and is based on the very latest research findings. A solution created by women for women.

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We believe that feeling good in your skin comes from feeling connected to yourself. While many people may spend hours dedicated to how they look on the outside, many of us neglect what lies within, beneath our skin. This is where Soleil can assist.

Studies are now discovering how inextricably linked our brain and complexion really are. Just as our skin talks to our brain telling it what is going on outside (i.e temperature, sun and wind) so too does our mind speak to our skin. When the mind is stressed this triggers inflammation in the body which can show up as complexion flare ups.

What our customers say

“Soleil was simply amazing. It has made a huge difference to my life and I feel well equipped to deal with the future.”

Eloise, 24 years

“Soleil helped me to work on myself as I never believed I could. I really appreciate this kind of support as my surrounding couldn’t give me that.”

Sofia, 31 years

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