About us

Unleash your best potential

Soleil is designed by psychologists who have worked in the field of psychology for over 20 years in a range of roles including private practice, academic research and education.

Using their experience, and evidence-based techniques, they have developed Soleil, which has proven to enhance well-being.

This program has now been conceptualised into an engaging digital journey so that we can share our knowledge and experience with a wider audience globally.

Soleil is a no fuss approach for the now, offering a spectrum of powerful prompts and activities to fortify your heart, body and mind.

There’s no magic remedy that can evaporate all your troubles, but by using Soleil and it’s evidence-based techniques can lead to improvements across many dimensions of your life — boosted self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing.

Dr Michelle Roesler

PhD in psychology, First Class Honours, Practicum Doctorate, Mentor, Lecturer in the field of personality and organizational psychology

The team behind Soleil

Michelle Roesler PhD

PhD in Organisational and Health Psychology. Extensive experience in data driven psychological assessments and working with young women in private practice.

Marten Strotkötter

Engineer and visionary. Started this project with the aim of creating a unique product to help as many people as possible improve their self-esteem and mental health, including his own.

Despina Sfakinos PhD

PhD in Coaching Psychology. Extensive knowledge in leadership, self-awareness, employee well-being and workplace performance. Develops advanced coach training.

Edwige Guinet

Ex-Groupon with extensive experience in General Mgmt and BD. Started Soleil following her personal experience struggling with mental health issues as a young adult.